Camila  Lage

Camila Lage

Dairy Management Specialist

Camila Lage will be working on research and outreach related to dairy herd health and management, calf and heifer rearing, milk quality, nutrition, and improving efficiency and environmental sustainability of dairies. You can reach Camila by emailing or by calling 607-422-6788. Camila grew up in the largest milk producing state of Brazil. She graduated as a Veterinarian from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - Brazil, where she also got her MSc. and Ph.D. in Animal Science with a focus on calf rearing. Camila spent 2 years of her Ph.D. program at Penn State as a visiting scholar, working with Dairy Nutrition, especially related to protein nutrition. Camila then worked as a Postdoc at the University of California-Davis, where she worked with the economic opportunities of implementing automatic milking technologies in dairy farms. She is looking forward to working with producers in the area and connecting the agricultural industry to Cornell resources.