Catt Co Fair

Catt Co Fair

4-H Youth Development

2021 Junior Department Schedule of Events (Subject to Change)

Thursday, July 29 1 pm – 4 pm 5 pm – 8 pm Educational Booth Set Up in Youth Building Youth Building Exhibit Judging

Saturday, July 31 9 am – 11 am Youth Building Exhibit Judging 2:00 pm All Jr. Dept. Livestock, Dairy, Poultry/Rabbit, & Alpacas must be in place 2:00 pm Youth Exhibitor Meeting (Livestock Arena) 2:30 pm Market Poultry Show (Mary Elizabeth Dunbar Building) 4:30 pm All 4-H Horses must be in place 5:00 pm 4-H Horse Exhibitors Meeting 5:30 pm Mounted Games Exhibition (Horse Arena) 6:00 pm Beef & Dairy Steer Weigh-Ins (Market Animals Only) 6:30 pm Goat, Sheep, & Swine Weigh-Ins (Market Animals Only) 

Sunday, August 1 10:00 am Cloverbud Horseless Horse Show (Costume Class immediately to follow) 10:00 am Jr. Dept. & Open Alpaca - Showmanship, Obstacle, Costume (Livestock Arena) 2:00 pm Gaming Horse Show (Horse Arena) 4 pm – 6 pm 4-H/FFA Livestock Skillathon (Livestock Arena) 7:00 pm Goat Showmanship Practice (Livestock Arena)

Monday, August 2 9:00 am Western Horse Show (Horse Arena) 9:00 am Exhibition/Fancy Poultry Show (Mary Elizabeth Dunbar Building) 9:00 am 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest (Livestock Arena) 10:00 am 4-H/FFA Dairy Judging Contest 4-H/FFA Agronomy Contest (immediately following Dairy Judging Contest) 11:00 am Jr. Dept. & Open Goat Show (Livestock Arena) 4:30 pm Miniature Horse Show (Horse Arena) 6:00 pm Dairy Showmanship Practice (Dairy Arena) 7:00 pm Swine Showmanship Practice (Livestock Arena) 

Tuesday, August 3 9:00 am Dressage Horse Show followed by Jumping (Horse Arena) 9:00 am Open Holstein Show (Dairy Arena) 9:00 am Jr. Dept. & Open Swine Show (Livestock Arena) 9:00 am Poultry Knowledge Contest (Mary Elizabeth Dunbar Building) 10 am – 1 pm 4-H/FFA Wildlife, Tree, & Tool ID (Conservation Building) 1:00 pm Jumping Horse Show (Horse Arena) 3:00 pm Rabbit/Cavy Show (Mary Elizabeth Dunbar Building) 4:00 pm Driving Horse Show (Horse Arena) 6:00 pm Alpaca Knowledge Contest (Livestock Arena) 7:00 pm Sheep Showmanship Practice (Livestock Arena)

Wednesday, August 4 9:00 am English Horse Show (Horse Arena) 9:00 am Jr. Dept. Dairy Show (Dairy Arena) 11:00 am Jr. Dept. & Open Sheep Show (Livestock Arena) 3:00 pm Master Showmanship Finals for Horse (immediately after Driving) 4:00 pm Market Poultry ONLY Released 5:00 pm Legislator Social (Snack Shack) 6:00 pm Cat Show (Outside Poultry Barn) 7:00 pm Beef & Dairy Steer Showmanship Practice (Livestock Arena) 

Thursday, August 5 9:00 am Rabbit/Cavy Showmanship & Decathlon (Mary Elizabeth Dunbar Building) 9:00 am Jr. Dept. Beef & Dairy Steer Show (Dairy Arena) Master Showmanship Contest (immediately following Beef Show) 4:30 pm Dog Knowledge Contest (near Dairy Arena) 5:00 pm Dog Show (Dairy Arena – immediately following Master Showmanship) 7:00 pm Swine Photos (Livestock Arena) 9:00 pm Feed MUST be removed from all market animals for 12 hours (Leave Water!)

Friday, August 6 8:00 am Beef & Dairy Steer Weigh-Ins (Market Animals Only) 8:30 am Goat, Sheep, & Swine Weigh-Ins (Market Animals Only) 9:00 am Open Beef Show (Dairy Arena) 10 am -12 pm 4-H/FFA FACS Contest (Youth Building) 1:30 pm Champion Livestock Showman Contest (Livestock & Dairy Arenas) 5:00 pm Barnyard Olympics & Exhibitor Dance Party (Livestock Arena)

 Saturday, August 7 8:00 am Open Colored Breeds Dairy Show (Dairy Arena) 1:30 pm Youth Market Animal Sale (Dairy & Livestock Arenas)

 Sunday, August 8 7:00 am Market Animals ONLY Released Staggered dismissal of all other animals by superintendents 9 am – 3 pm All Youth Building Exhibits & Booth Pick Up

**Awards Ceremony TBD mid – late August**

Last updated August 27, 2021